And so it begins…

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Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I doing this? Where am I going? What am I trying to achieve? What am I trying to say?

These are all questions I don’t fully know the answer to yet. My intention is to write about things and / or people that excite me, interest me, bother me, annoy me, inspire me, teach me… things that I would like to do, that I’ve done, that I’m doing, anecdotes, lessons, learnings, books I read and anything else that dares to cross my very convoluted mind.

When will I stop writing? I don’t have a clue…

Anything I write is not to be taken too seriously as it is my own opinion and everyone is entitled one. We don’t have to agree, like each other, or even read each other’s stuff. Simply, if you don’t like what you read just move along and let me be. If you have nothing nice to say, it’s better you don’t say it as it creates negativity in your world and your world only. I have a lot to write about this at some point too!

I’m not a professional writer in any way, shape or form so try not to take my writing “style” apart. This is my first ever attempt at something like this so please be gentle. HA!

Welcome. This is LIFE IN MY WORDS.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Becoming a father…

My daughter and I

On the 8th of February 2020 our world changed when we found out Shelley was pregnant. We initially had our suspicions as her lady time of the month was delayed already by 10 days or so, however our suspicions were only confirmed on this beautiful Ibiza sunny winter day. I remember it vividly. I was sat down on the sofa in the living room on the middle cushion patiently (NOT!) waiting for Shelley to confirm from the bathroom if were were going to become four (our beloved dog Taco included!). This is where the journey began.

After four years of living in Ibiza, we made the decision to move to Valencia and funnily enough it was 3 days before completely leaving Ibiza that we found out that our lives would be changing forever, for the better of course! In hindsight, we actually moved our the entirety of our belongings a week previous, all whilst Shelley was pregnant and us not knowing.

3 weeks ago I turned 34

So three weeks ago I turned 34 and coincidently it was my company’s 5th anniversary. An old colleague messaged me saying “5 years! Where has time gone!?”

It dawned on me that it has been half a decade since I took the jump into the unknown, the deep end, the black hole. The journey into neverland! I say never land because when you start a company you NEVER go more than 30 seconds without thinking about it. You NEVER really go on holiday and disconnect. You NEVER travel without your laptop. You NEVER look back and most importantly you NEVER work another day in your life; even though sometimes you do 15 hour days.

So…. where has time gone!? There is no simple answer to this one but I’ll try my best.

June 2013: I left my telecoms job to go to a software sales job.

September 2013: I was let go from that job after my probation period.

September 2013 – March 2014: I worked as a consultant freelance.

March 2014: I go to my home country (Colombia) and stumble across an opportunity to get back into telecoms on a self employed basis.

April 2014: I go back to London to start my company but looking for some part time work in the meantime. Found nothing.

May 2014: Started working as a freelance social media manager for my brother in law whilst starting my business at the same time. I was getting paid £1500 a month whilst having a mortgage living in London. Don’t ask me how I managed that, but I did!

January 2015: I found myself working 15 hour days for the last 8 months or so. Due to some personal differences with my brother in law’s business partner, my contract with them got cut in half earning me £750 / month.

March 2015: Without a penny to my name, my marriage was falling apart – literally hanging by a thread. One day as I was walking our beloved french bulldog Humphrey (RIP) on a cold day down Cheshire Street in Shoreditch (London) I decided that I was done and I should throw all my energy to my own company. Scary moment. Also, the decision to tell my brother in law that I was done that day didn’t make me many friends but I knew it in my gut that it was what I had to do for me and no one else.

April 2015: My then wife and I sold our Shoreditch / Brick Lane flat. Stupid thing to do… but that’s life!

May 2015: My then wife moves to Spain to work for 2 months.

June 2015: I moved to my brother’s after staying at my inlaws’ for a couple of weeks.

July 2015: My then wife comes back from Spain.

August: 2015: We got divorced.

* To keep distracted I threw myself into my work with focus I had never had before.

October 2015: I was meditating and the thought of moving to Spain entered my head. Spain which was somewhere I’d always wanted to live. I literally looked at flights that day, booked a hotel and 2 days later I came to Spain for a week to look for a flat. Found it, made a transfer for the deposit that day and within 5 days I was back.

November 2015: 2 suitcases and myself move to Spain. Doing what I do I can work from anywhere with an internet connection so my work was never affected.

December 2015: As was sitting on a plane genuinely not sure I had made the right decision about moving, I start talking to someone sat next to me and we realise we have some friends in common in London! We became very good friends, even to this day she is one of my best friends.

* Fast forward a year. Endless fun, reflection, planning, learning, travelling South America, contemplating, looking back, regretting, looking forward, lonely times, great times, meeting new people, getting rid of some people in my life, lots of reading, understanding, self forgiving, having fun…. Dare I say it… finding myself. (Sorry, not sorry)

October 2016: I start a record label. Music has always been a passion of mine.

December 2016: I meet someone in the most random of situations that not only has become my life partner but she is also my best friend. We sometimes don’t even have to talk to each other to know what we’re thinking. Also in December my good friend and I launched a monthly night in Ibiza – something we still do to this day.

February 2017: I break my foot playing football leaving me horizontal for a month.

March 2017: I travel to start some business interests in Hong Kong.

April: 2017: I hire the company’s first full time employee.

June 2017: I purchase my first buy to let property in the UK. I also travel back to Hong Kong to sign on the deal I was chasing there. Got it.

July 2017: My partner and I start talking about starting our digital marketing agency.

September 2017: We start our company Social Parrot with investment from my telecoms company (Redshift).

October 2017: We get our first client on board on SP.

December 2017: We get busier than we ever expected with SP so we get 2 new colleagues on board.

March 2018: Social Parrot increases its income five-fold as we keep growing.

April 2018: My company Redshift Global Communications has the best year financially it has ever had and it’s only increasing month on month.

June 2018: I buy another buy to let property in Valencia, Spain.

July 2018: I’m starting my third company related to telecoms. But can’t talk about this one yet 😉

What’s next? I don’t know… But what I do know is that it’s been a hell of a ride! Some downs but many more ups!

Have I “made it”?….. Nowhere near!

Will I be able to retire comfortably at 50?…. Without question!

Enjoy the ride to whatever your destination is, because it’s the best part. Now in my 34th year of life I have learnt to not worry too much about the future as the future will come whether we want it to or not. Worry about today and be the best you can be today and everything else will fall into place.

The First Post…


So, this is it. The first post. The pioneer. What to write? What to say?

Maybe a bit of history about myself and why / when I embarked on a journey of self discovery. A journey to find ‘truth’. A journey into the unknown. A journey into the deepest parts of my mind and my psyche. A journey to discover my mind’s eye. A journey into never never land.  A journey to change my life and that of those around me for the better.

It all started around the year 2012. I was depressed, anxious and my life was headed in no direction whatsoever. I was in an unhappy long term relationship that I felt trapped in because of the fear of what other people would say if I was to walk out. Get your head around that! In hindsight I should’ve finished that relationship many years previous but instead we decided to get married thinking it would fix all our problems. You guessed it, it didn’t! It just made things much harder to escape. At home I was jealous, had anger issues, hated the world and was very irritable – a true joy to be around! Out and about I was quite the opposite (with the occasional shout at someone… when they deserved it).  Of course I was unhappy. I was battling two personas – the person that I was and the person I wanted to be. The angel and the devil on my shoulders. The sinner and the saint. The good and the bad. The happy and the sad. The cool and the jealous. The hard worker and the lazy. The energetic and lethargic… You get what I mean.

I started reading a lot about the power of our mind, the power of brain waves, the power of medicine like ayahuasca, meditation and the benefits of practising it amongst many other things. After doing plenty of research I soon made my mind up that the mind is much more powerful than we make it out to be and that the mind and our thoughts have a huge part in creating our reality. Sounds crazy I know, but taking anti depressants sounds MUCH crazier to me. It’s simple – what you put out, you will receive. If you think negative things, you will attract negative. If you do things with bad intentions, bad intentions from others will find you. Our brains is like a magnet attracting everything we decide to let live in there. Yes, our brain is a muscle and has chemical processes but our mind and consciousness is much more powerful than that and with it we can alter the connections that are already made in the brain.

Not knowing where to start and having attempted meditation on my own, I soon found out that it’s called a discipline for a reason. If I wasn’t falling asleep almost every time, I’d be thinking of what I was going to have for dinner, or the guy that barged me on the train, or where I want to go on holiday in the summer, or how I can win that argument that ended the previous week. Bottom line is that it was impossible without some sort of guidance.

Someone I had met on a night out in London around 2014 who I was not aware was into any of this posted about a workshop he was conducting about changing our mentality and subsequently our reality – all done with meditation at the centre of it. This was it for me, it was my chance to learn from someone that seemed to know what he was talking about and was good at explaining it. So I went this workshop and from then on, my mental state and attitude changed forever. Everyone would think that this is a quick process, but to let go of a lot of your beliefs and to rewire your brain is extremely hard and takes a lot of effort and conscious decisions. What I mean by this is that as you start becoming conscious of everything that you do and how you react to everything around you, you can then start making conscious changes to those situations instead of being some kind of unconscious robot acting on anger, fear, etc.

I had started my journey of self discovery after the mentioned meeting / workshop but it wasn’t until 2015 when my then marriage disintegrated (a lot to do me) that I really started taking this much more serious as I consciously realised I was very difficult to be around. As heartbreaking as this situation was, I approached it with a much better mindset than I would have done if I had not already been exploring my mind. I was devastated but I had been studying Buddhism and many of their teachings say that you are only where you’re supposed to be. In other words, the universe puts you where you belong when you belong there so you can learn that lesson and move on. Not saying that I didn’t care, because believe me I did but there is also another buddhist saying that helped me that says “pain is inevitable but suffering is optional”. Of course I was deeply hurt by this situation but it would be my attitude towards it that would help me get over it. I learned that when you truly love someone, sometimes the best thing is to let them go as hard as that can be. A much simpler way to see it is that if it is not meant to be then it can’t be. I learned to forgive myself for many things that happened in that failed relationship because I was only doing the best that I could at that time with what I knew. I learned that you have to live in the present moment and not in the past or the future because they don’t exist. I once read something that said “your present is a creation from your past”. With that in mind, if you want a better future you need to live a better present! I learned that everything is temporary and nothing is forever, be it pain or joy. In my case it took around two years from that initial workshop situation to really start noticing changes in my thought process and attitude towards situations and how I handled them. I had spent a lot of time reading and learning about Buddhism, the human mind but most importantly applying them in real life. If you don’t apply what you learn then you never really learned it.

My next post, funnily enough, I wrote before I finished this one and it interlinks with this one but is more work focused and how I went from literally earning £1500 a month to low five figures on a bad month in the space of 4 years.

See here: https://lifeinmywords.blog/2018/08/22/3-weeks-ago-i-turned-34/